Sessions & Donations Provided by Shera Diane

The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage


Ready to indulge yourself? Here are the decadent sessions available to soothe your soul and heal your body. These rates are non-negotiable.
If you want a price break, see if you qualify for any discounts. Please read the 'Etiquette' page before booking.

All Massage Sessions Include

    • A meet & greet with beverage(s) of your choice
    • A consultation to assess your needs
    • A comfortable massage table and memory foam pillow
    • Fresh linens
    • Glowing candles and relaxing music
    • My special blend of warmed massage lotion with luxurious & nourishing shea butter or oil if preferred
    • A custom massage based on your needs and desires
    • A BIG steamy hot towel at the end
    • Fresh fruit to please your 5th (and final) sense
    • Sensual massage (FBSM) includes: fully nude, mutual touch, release

And... If desired or needed: 
Aromatherapy, incense, hot stones, vibrating massager to release extra pain or tension, shower & grooming aids


Since 2006 I've never once increased my requested donations. I'm sure you would understand how much it would suck to go 12 years without a single raise, especially with inflation and the rapidly growing cost of living. (My rent is over $500 more than it was when I started in 2006) For the past few months, the thought of increasing my donations had come to mind, however, it wasn't until now that I decided to do more

List of Sensual Massage or Cuddle Sessions, Spa Treatments and more

60 Minute Sensual Massage (FBSM)
90 Minute Sensual Massage (FBSM)
Add Bubble Bath to Massage or Cuddle Session
Add Shower with Me
Evening of Pampering (details below)
Overnight Sensation (Evening of Pampering + overnight)
Couple's Session (60 min FBSM ea.)
Couple's Romantic Getaway
Add'l hour Couple's Massage/ Time
60 Minute Cuddle Session
90 Minute Cuddle Session
90 Minute Cuddle Session with FBSM (Split time however you want. Popular Session!)
60 Minute Fetish/ Roleplay/ Domme
90 Minute Fetish/ Roleplay/ Domme
Add'l hour
60 Minute Therapeutic Massage
90 Minute Therapeutic Massage
120 minute Therapeutic Massage
Add for Deep Tissue
Dinner Date (up to 3 hours)
Add'l hour
All Night Date (up to 8 hours)
60 Minute Companionship
Add'l hour
Travel Companion/ Out of Town Visit

90 Minute FBSM with Bubble Bath (A popular favorite)
Over 2 Hours of Luxurious Pampering!

Sessions are all inclusive. (No surprise fees. No up-selling, etc.)
Some sessions require a deposit. Read about it HERE

add'l 400
add'l 200
Please Inquire for Quote

380 (Save $20 when combined)

See Discounts

Spa Treatments:
(add any of these treatments to sessions above)

Facial with Exfoliation, Mud Mask & Moisturizing
Exfoliating Body Sugaring or Salt Scrub (back & shoulders)
Exfoliating Body Sugaring or Salt Scrub (full body)
Pedicure with Invigorating Footbath
Manicure & Pedicure with Invigorating Footbath
Clay wrap
(full body)
Foot bath
(20 mins), Foot Scrub & Foot Massage (20mins)
Seaweed & Sea Salt Soak (In bathtub)
Sea Salt Scrub and Clay Wrap for Back and Shoulders

Deluxe Evening of Sensual PamperingClick for more information about this dreamy 5 hour pampering session. Bath and Full body Massage. Click for more information about this full body sensual massage with a steamy bubble bath. Overnight Sensation Session. Click for more information. The most ultimate night of pampering ever created.


30-50 depending on needs

I create my own blend of massage lotion/oil.
If needed, I also use massage oil.

Read Below for Details on some of these Luxurious Sessions and Spa Treatments!

Call to reserve your own unique private session: (949)229-2327.

Please see the FAQs
& Etiquette pages for important and useful information.

If you have any special requests or wardrobe requests, please ask at the time of booking

Incall is available in a clean, private, upscale location. My home is a "sanctuary" I have created for you with a glowing ambience and relaxing, healing energies to soothe you. I invite you to experience a slower pace where time seems to stand rush, no worries, just love and affection awaits you! Read more.

Outcall requires a minimum of $20 service fee. Driving: The first 25 miles R.T. are at $20 for gas allowance & driving charge. Beyond that distance, the charge will increase up to $50. I will drive up to one hour each way. You will be billed any additional fees I incur to see you, such as toll roads, valet, bellman service or parking, etc. See my Outcall Service Area.

See below for Spa Services

Deluxe Evening of Sensual Pampering

To receive the ultimate pampering experience, I recommend the Evening of Pampering Session. It's like a mini getaway like you've never experienced before. Being a romantic, I believe that a relaxing process like this should never be rushed. By taking our time, you can slowly savor every enticing moment of this luxurious experience. You'll be pampered and treated like a king during this very unique and original session, which is exclusive to It includes a steamy, massaging foot-bath, pedicure, manicure, and a facial. Then I'll bath you from top to toe in a hot bath or jacuzzi tub filled with bubbles, followed by a relaxing, sensual 90 minute massage with an arousing touch. There will be a brief break during the session for snacks and refreshments. Top the evening with some cuddling if you wish with some pillow talk. Read more about this decadent session. Advance booking required. If you're not ready for your evening to end, opt for the Over Night Sensation.

Over Night Sensation

The Over Night Sensation begins the same as the Deluxe Evening of Pampering. Rather than have your session end, you can enjoy having me around all night long. After being pampered all over, you can cuddle with me as you drift off into a peaceful sleep filled with sweet, beautiful dreams. In the morning, wake up with me at your side. Then, if you'd like, I can you give you a bath or shower before you start your day. I'll even tie up your laces before you step out and kiss you goodbye! Advance booking required. Read More about the Evening of Pampering.


Bath and Full-Body Massage

I suggest getting a hotel with a whirlpool tub so we can be close and intimate in this aquatic adventure. Or you can get away to my home where you can relax in my candlelit bathroom while soft music wafts through the air. Bubbles will surround you in the hot bathtub, along with a soft bath pillow to lay your weary head upon. Inhale deeply as I lather you up with fragrant suds of your choice on a pouf, and then enjoy a deep scalp massage as I shampoo your hair. After washing away your stress, you'll be pampered for either 60 or 90 minutes as I massage you into a deep relaxation. A soothing and luxurious way to spend an evening after work instead of the usual ho-hum. Make an appointment to enjoy this relaxing, tranquil, and very soothing experience.


Romantic Getaway for Couples

This romantic evening is for couples who want to celebrate a special occasion or just to celebrate their love for each other. Surprise your sweetheart with a unique and intimate getaway and savor some quality time together like never before. You won't need to lift a finger...except to dial my number. .All of the planning and setting up will be done for you and your loved one. You bring your honey to your getaway hotel, I'll bring the rest to create the perfect environment for amore. Enjoy each others' company the way it should be...with romance, passion, and a decadent scene for love making! Read more about this intimate evening for two. I also provide couple's massage sessions. Just the massages without all the exciting frills. You and your sweetheart can enjoy 60 full minutes each.

Tandem Service

With the Tandem Service, I'll have a beautiful lady to accompany me for your session. You'll have the benefit of four hands all over your body, soothing away your stress and worries, focusing all our attention exclusively on you. This is truly something every gentleman should enjoy at least once in his lifetime. It really is the best massage you've never had. Choose to have one of my partners accompany me and you will have an absolutely dreamy experience! I can also have a lady or gentleman provider accompany me for couple's sessions. Advance booking of 24 hours or more is required so I can coordinate your session with my partner's schedule.

"This was the best massage I've ever had. You girls were great!"

Make an Appointment

Any money exchanged in legal adult therapeutic services is strictly for massage services, spa services, modeling time, and companionship.
Nothing else is implied nor offered.

Spa Treatments

These treatments not only feel good and leave you looking good, but they are also good for you.
Here's to your health!

Facial, 35 minutes, $60
****Highly Recommended ****
Start off this cleansing experience with hot towels to open your facial pores. The next step in this process is to cleanse the surface and gently exfoliate with a scrub. I'll then paint a layer of mineral rich clay on your freshly cleansed face. As you lay back and close your eyes in a candlelit room on a massage table and enjoy the relaxing music, the clay will do it's work for about 15 minutes. The clay is a miracle worker at drawing out impurities deep within your skin. It will leave your skin feeling incredibly soft and extra clean. After washing off the clay, a layer of hyaluronic acid will be applied to help seal in the moisture, smooth fine lines, and plump the skin. Then lastly, a moisturizer will be gently blended into your skin. If you've never had this treatment before, it truly is about time! See the benefits of a facial.

Seaweed and Sea Salt Soak, 45 minutes, $100
****Highly Recommended **** 4 Stars on the "Good4U" scale
Rich in minerals, helps purify and eliminate toxins within your body. Sea salt releases the toxic agents from tissue, improves the blood circulation and regulates the pH value of the tissue. This treatment reduces tension, improves circulation, relieves allergies and congestion, restores tone and vitality and helps cleanse and detoxify the body. Seaweed can give relief from all skin problems due to its high concentration of other minerals and vitamins (A, B, C and E). Sea salt helps to strengthen the resistance of the skin, while maintaining the delicate water balance. It's even good for your hair! Immerse yourself in this vital bath for improved health inside and outside. Emerge feeling refreshed and renewed.

Foot Bath and Foot Massage
, 50 minutes, $80
Includes complimentary pedicure nail treatment.
****Highly Recommended **** 3.5 Stars on the "Good4U" scale

Your feet will soak for 20 minutes in a footbath with oil of lavender and mint for a refreshing and invigorating effect. The foot bath is a mini tub which swirls bubbling warm water around your tired feet, while delivering an invigorating, tension-relieving massage. Includes foot scrub to exfoliate the rough dry skin on your soles. Followed by a 20 minute foot massage including reflexology. Lavender foot cream rich in emollients will greatly improve the surface of your feet. Great for circulation in your feet and legs. Reduces fatigue throughout your entire body.

Clay Wrap, 60 minutes, $120
****Highly Recommended **** 3.5 Stars on the "Good4U" scale
A layer of warm clay rich in silica, a skin-healing element, is generously applied to your entire body. This mineral-rich material draws out the body's impurities while soothing sore muscles and nourishing the skin. This age-old treatment encourages the elimination of cellular wastes and improves the skin's appearance and texture. After the clay is rinsed away with a shower, I'll pat you dry and an antioxidant body lotion will be applied from top to toe – leaving you refreshed and glowing. A body scrub is highly recommended as preparation to your clay wrap for optimum surface smoothness and detoxification.

Sea Salt Body Scrub, 60 minutes, $125
An invigorating exfoliation for your entire body. Scrubs away dead surface cells to reveal soft and radiant skin. Thoroughly cleans your pores, allowing your skin to breathe easier. Stimulates blood circulation and removes daily toxins from your skin. Helps future skin regeneration which keeps your skin looking younger. Strengthens and firms skin tissues. After a shower to rinse away scrub, I'll pat you dry and apply a layer of hydrating lotion. For extra healthy and glowing skin add a Clay Wrap after this treatment. Sugaring available alternatively to sea salt.

Sea Salt Scrub and Clay Wrap for Your Back and Shoulders, 35 minutes. $80
The back can be a troublesome and difficult area to cleanse and keep clear of clogged pores. Let me get that area for you. Your back will be smooth and clean like never before. Simple pore extractions are included if needed. A steamy shower follows this cleansing treatment, then I'll dry you off and smooth on a hydrating lotion on your back and shoulders to replenish moisture levels.
Sugaring available alternatively to sea salt.

Improve your health, your appearance, and your attitude!
Any one of these luxury spa treatments followed by a relaxing sensual massage will make you feel like a new man. These treatments aren't just for women. Men deserve to feel good and be pampered too!

The Benefits of Facials


Anything Else?

Sure! I am available for an event or evening on the town.
Dinner dates are 3 hour min. @ $500. Additional time: $160/ hour.
I am also available to accompany you for travel. Please call to inquire.

I look forward to pleasing your senses!

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