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Welcome to my little corner of the World Wide Web!

Thank you for stopping by.
I would like to introduce myself and a world of pleasure that is beyond your imagination. My name is Shera Diane and I have several unique pampering sessions that are creatively tailored for gentlemen and loving couples to take you to unexplored levels of relaxation and intimacy.

Call me to discuss your needs and create a unique session that is tailor made to your desires. If you need counseling too, I am here for you. I am an ordained spiritual counselor/ life coach/ couples counselor. I am very discreet and am open to whatever you are missing and need in your life.

You are assured anything we discuss on the phone and in person will be held in complete confidence. I do not judge and do not believe in taboos, so whatever you share with me will not be ridiculed or scrutinized. You will always be in a safe place. I realize there are so many providers available for body rubs, but so many of them have no training and little experience in the healing arts and quite a lot are providers only out of desperation for money and care little, if any, about you and the quality of your session. You are assured you will be making the right choice when you book a session with me and you will be well cared for... you're in good, healing hands!

Don't choose a provider just because the 'price is right'. You may be shorted on timeon quality...or worse. I am trained and very skilled in the art of massage and pampering, unlike most body rub providers and I provide more in a session than most. So, you will notice a difference with my sessions and receive the quality you desire. Plus, I offer additional treatments that generally aren't available at all (except maybe in high-end spas) and I even offer unique sessions that are exclusive to me only and not found elsewhere.

For the ultimate in adult pampering, I suggest the Evening of Pampering session. It is a signature session exclusively available with me. See Sessions & Donations for details on this and the other unique & scintillating sessions I provide. You can also try a soothing bubble bath with any massage or cuddle session.

This website is rather comprehensive and thorough, so please look around this site, as most answers you seek are here. Example: please don't message me asking what my donations are when that's right here. If you do not find the answers you want, then go ahead and inquire for details

Love and Affection,
Shera Diane

Contact me to create your custom encounter

Serious gentlemen and couples only. Please be over 25 years old, mature-minded and respectful. Anyone who is new to experiences with providers should definitely read the FAQs & Etiquette pages to catch you up to speed. Please do so before contacting me. When contacting me, please do not ask sexual questions, nor ask for multiple photos or nudes. Please respect my time and limit your questions to what you actually need to know. Please, no lengthy back and forth text chats.

I guarantee you will absolutely enjoy the time we share together and have a satisfied and memorable experience, but, please understand that I do not and will not provide "full service" to anyone. I provide bodywork, companionship, and modeling only.  So, if you are seeking something beyond the scope outlined within, I may not be the right provider for you. I appreciate your respect in this and all matters.

I have 12 years experience, trained, and highly reviewed!

More about me.
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Minimum of 1 hour notice is required for incall, (more for outcall), however this does not mean I will always be available in just an hour, in fact, I usually am not, so advance booking is highly recommended. The more notice I receive, the more likely I will be available for your decadent session, and the more likely I will have sufficient time to meticulously prepare everything for you, which equates to the optimal experience for you. Please note my hours below and what it will take for schedule flexibility for you.

Incall or outcall. My relaxing Incall location is just 3 miles from the 5 fwy in Lake Forest (So. OC), Calif. 
Outcall to all of OC.

Normally available daily from 1pm, with the latest appointment starting at 11pm. 

Since I am only human, I require sleep and as such, I cannot be available around the clock. But, I am okay with being flexible with my schedule and available a little outside during my off-hours if you book at least a half a day ahead.

NOTE: Any appointments during my off hours (12am-12pm) will require a convenience fee of $20, unless you have booked at least 12 hours ahead. I only take calls & texts during 1-11pm. Please don't be impatient with me if I don't reply outside those hours.

Since I am an independent provider, I do my own calls, screenings, sessions, and marketing... even the photos here I took myself, and they are definitely of me AND recent. You will for sure be seen by who is represented here and find me to be more attractive and alluring in person. I guarantee it!

As an independent provider, I also personally designed and wrote this website to embody the essence of my spirit and reflect what you can expect during your escape with me. Please take a moment and follow the links above to explore my website and read more about me, about my unique, indulgent sessions I have designed for you, and much more.

Yes, I use unscented massage oil/lotion blend I create myself or I can use just oil.
See everything else that's included with your soothing massage.

Cuddling Therapy Sessions are Available

In our culture, physical contact usually seems appropriate only between people who are in an intimate relationship with each other. This means that people who aren't in an intimate relationship are missing out on this very basic human need and therapeutic practice.

In all reality, we NEED physical contact for our well being. Research has shown that baby monkeys deprived of cuddling by their mothers fail to thrive and often have developmental and mental problems, even if they're provided with the food, water, and shelter necessary for survival. Being held regularly appears to help lower blood pressure and heart rate, while boosting self-esteem.

In a study led by researchers at the University of North Carolina, it was discovered that couples who held each other for prolonged time had higher levels of oxytocin—the "cuddle hormone." Oxytocin creates feelings of calmness, eases depression, reduces stress, cravings, and addictions, and increases immunity, so that the body repairs, heals, and restores itself faster.

There's extensive research showing that the proper use of touch is as powerful as many of our proven drug therapies, but without the harmful side effects.

Men especially can lack physical contact because cuddling with their female friends seems to imply a sexual interest. But cuddling need not lead to sexual activity.

If you are missing out on this important connection with people because you're not in a relationship, you needn't be alone and go hungry for this very basic human and therapeutic ritual.


This session can be with another session such as massage or bath or you can enjoy this session alone. See Sessions page for more info on this and other sessions and pampering delights.

I look forward to pleasing your senses!

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