A Special Evening of Sensual Pampering for Gentlemen

Do you need some relaxation? Do you want more than just an ordinary massage?
How about some TLC and pampering like you've never had before?

If so, I have a special invitation for you
for a deliciously scintillating evening filled with a complete luxury spa experience.

We can begin this blissful voyage in the comfort of your own home or hotel room or you can come to my relaxing private home. I have an extensive knowledge of mixology, so any drink you want I can make. I will dote on you throughout the evening and your every need will be delivered to you without you even needing to ask.

Now, on to the good stuff...
I have a lot of beautiful lingerie. Choose what you like and then I'll dress in your favorite silky little thing. I will play soothing music and light exotic incense imported from India to create a relaxing ambience. While you relax, I will immerse and soak your feet in a warm foot bath with softening salts added. Your feet will get spoiled when I work off any rough spots, then give them a pedicure. I will finish your foot treatment by massaging in a cream to keep them extra soft and smooth.

Next, I'll manicure your hands then gently massage them with silky emollients. A facial is also on the menu this special evening. A gentle exfoliation followed by a purifying mask to cleanse and tighten your skin. You will be surprised how smooth your face can be with a little TLC. If you've never had any of these spa services, you are definitely in for a real treat!

In the candlelit bathroom, I will run a hot fragrant bath for you filled with bubbles. (If you have a whirlpool or larger tub I can join you. Sorry, my tub is a small standard size.) Then I’ll disrobe you and lather you up and down with a soft pouf and shampoo your hair, gently massaging the bubbles on your scalp and behind your ears. It feels so good. You can’t remember the last time anyone did this for you. Let the tranquility of the water wash away your stress! I will dry you off with a fluffy warm towel and take you to a comfortable padded massage table.

As this is a long session, we will take a break at some point (when you desire) for a lavish spread of appetizers I have prepared for us earlier. Please tell me if there are things you don't like, so you won't find it on the platter. Ask if you're curious the types of things I normally prepare for our nutritional break,

Read on, as this will only get better with every word...
Candles will illuminate the room, flickering off the ceiling and walls. I'll discuss your therapeutic needs and your sensual desires to uniquely tailor your massage. Lay down on your front and I’ll warm fragrant massage oil in my palms then smooth it over your back and shoulders, working out all of your tension with my talented, healing hands as you let out deep sighs of relief. I will apply deep pressure anywhere you have knots and stress and make them vanish. I'll massage your bum just the way you like... and I know the way you like it! I'll lightly glide my fingers down your legs and massage the pressure points in your feet.

I’ll then whisper in your ear and ask you to tturn over on your back, then continue with your massage, relieving your tension from head to toe. You will be so relaxed and satisfied from your massage and evening of sweet pampering. You will feel like a new man! Then you can cuddle in my arms and lay your sleepy head in my long, soft blond hair. You will feel like you spent a night in Heaven! You will wake in the morning exhilarated and refreshed. And if you choose to add the Overnight Sensation to your Evening of Pampering, you'll awaken to find me next to you. This special evening includes my adoring company, TLC and some affection, and most of all... some much needed pampering…you deserve it!. You work hard and owe it to yourself to unwind and feel good.

Let me pamper you like never before!
If this sounds good to you, contact me to request an appointment. Treat yourself to this ultimate experience with a luxurious pampering touch! This Luxury Spa Experience is for discerning gentlemen who appreciate quality and luxury and it cannot be found anywhere else. It lasts around 5 hours, possibly up to 6 hours. I don't watch the clock and I never rush the process. I will take as long as needed.
I do not make same day appointments for this session, so book at least 24 hours in advance with an $80 deposit to ensure booking. The deposit is a must, as there is much preparation that goes into this sessin, as well as blocking out time for you and making myself otherwise unavailable for the entire day. See deposit information.

If you have questions or want to see the other sessions I provide, please use the links below.

Make it an All-Nighter

Your ultimate evening of pampering doesn't have to end. Let's stay the night together and turn 5 wonderful hours into up to 8 dreamy hours with the Overnight Sensation.  

PLEASE read through the rest of my website, including the Etiquette page before requesting an appointment.

I look forward to pleasing your senses!

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