Proper Etiquette with Shera Diane (& Other Adult Providers)
Before, During & After Your Appointment

Always be a complete gentleman
The general rule of thumb: The more of a gentleman you are, the easier it is for me (or any provider) to create a sensual environment for you. Remember, the way you treat a provider during a session shouldn't be any different than your demeanor on a date with a girl you've had a crush on and finally have a chance to woo her so you can see her for a second date, etc. Providers are ladies too, and very caring and accommodating ladies at that, not sub-class citizens, and deserve the same kindness given to you. Please prepare for your time with me the same way you would for a date, including proper hygiene. Respect and consideration are paramount to having your session go smoothly...for us both. By following this, your session with me will be memorable. This respect should begin THE moment you contact me. Always be polite. Respect is always a 2-way street. By being a gentleman, you are not only doing me a favor, but yourself a favor as well. Keep in mind, if you are less than a gentleman, then the vibe will become awkward and your session, or even the phone call, will be less than optimal.
If ever unsure about anything, always follow my lead and cues as to what is okay and what is to come next.

I ONLY book appointments by phone

Not by text or email, so please do not try and please do not repeatedly send me text messages. Text messages take too long. A call lasting up to ten minutes can accomplish more in less time than texting back and forth for an hour or more. Please respect my time and the form of communication I request. A text is okay for an initial contact or a simple question, but that's about it. When calling me, do not call from a blocked/private number. I will NOT answer. If it goes to voicemail, leave a message with your number. If your number shows as 'unknown' or 'blocked', you can make it so your number shows by dialing *82 before my digits. When you call or text, do not ask explicit questions or what I will do for X amount of money. Do not attempt to negotiate either. Providers will often hang up on you if you do any of those things. Asking for discounts, begging, repeatedly asking things you already know or read here, or any unusual behavior is a red flag for a lack of respect or raises safety concerns and then you are no longer trusted and your chances are shot.

It is best for both of us for you to plan ahead

Do not ask "Are you available NOW?" The answer is, 'Of course not!" I have much more going on in my life and am not always available immediately and I'm certainly not ready and waiting for anyone's call 24/7. While I may be available on short notice sometimes (ie: 30-60 mins), it is polite to book ahead. If you want an appointment rather soon (as opposed to booking a future date), try something like this instead: "I read your ad (or better yet, website) and you're just perfect for what I need. I was hoping I could see you in about 90 minutes (or 2 or 3 hours) or any time shortly thereafter that is convenient for you for a 90 minute massage session at your incall". Not asking for an immediate session in itself can be sign to me that you are respectful. If you want outcall, please keep in mind I will need more time than if you were coming to me. I need to pack up my supplies in addition to getting ready, as well as drive to you and possibly stop for fuel.

I care about your session being perfect

The further notice given in advance, the better. I can be at my very best when I have notice, and the setting will be staged meticulously for you without rush when you book ahead. If I have enough time, everything will be perfect for you, which is what I want for you and hope you do too. If not, I may not have time to shampoo or shave, light candles before you arrive, etc. Remember, providers usually aren't all dolled up, makeup set, teeth just brushed, hair all brushed and set (& I have a lot, dear), place set up and tidy with candles glowing, music playing, massage lotion warmed or supplies packed in car, (now you have a bit of an idea what goes into the planning for your relaxing session) just waiting for you with a moment's notice. (Would you invite out a date and say you'll pick her up in 24 minutes and expect her to be ready and at her best?) And please don't say something like, "I don't care if you don't shower and your place is a mess, I just want to come over now". I DO care and it does matter to me. Sorry if I sound picky, but I have actually heard that and have received a lot of calls from impatient men wanting to see me in as little as 10 minutes. No one likes to be rushed or told to do something half-assed when they care about quality. The fact that I care about the quality of your session and do all I can to make it perfect, should indicate to you that you will receive a memorable, quality session and my time is worth what I request. Which brings me to the next paragraph...

Do not insult me by bargaining

I read this on another site and it says it so well, so I'm sharing it almost word for word:
When you attempt to get a discount from a provider, especially if you’re not a regular client, she may perceive it as a direct attack on her personal value. It’s not like buying an item from a flea market and aiming for the best price; it’s purchasing time with someone who's going to share something very special with you: her company and spirit. When you bargain for a lower price, it’s insinuating that you don’t value the provider enough to pay her rate. A provider who comes to appreciate you as a consistent client may choose to reward you from time to time with special discounts, [extra time, or added treatments]. (And I do.) Sometimes it happens that a provider's rates are simply too high for you to pay. That’s not her problem, it’s yours! If you cannot afford to pay her donation, don’t bother contacting her [and insulting her, as well as wasting her time]- look for a different one instead. One that will fit your budget, [or wait until it is in your budget].

If you like to save money
In case you can't already tell, I love when clients plan ahead, as I have a busy life and it helps to plan out my calendar ahead of time. (And I'm not always available on short notice.) So, as an incentive for you to plan ahead, I'll take off $20 if you book at least 48 hours in advance with a deposit of at least $50, which, of course, goes toward your session as long as you show up at the time you booked or don't cancel last minute. There are also other discounts you may qualify for here.

Be prepared for screening

When you book an appointment, please understand that safety is important for providers. We don't know you, so be prepared for screening questions and don't be in a hurry to get off the phone. A 2 minute call (or worse, a text) asking if a provider can see you, followed by "I'll be there in 15 minutes, text me the address" is NOT the way to book an appointment. Part of the time 'preparing for you' is also screening & verification, which you need to understand also takes time beyond the above mentioned preparations. (Also keep in mind, if you make the screening process take too long, I will not be ready as soon, so please understand, that call is not for a long chat and a ton of questions. There's enough details on this website that there should be little left to ask about.) The personal details you provide are only for my safety and nothing else, and your privacy is held in total confidence. This is a necessary step before our first encounter. After all, I am allowing you into my personal sanctuary or coming to you....a stranger to me. I'm very discreet and respect your privacy, but there are some details I will require and if you are not comfortable divulging anything, then you should not book with a provider or waste her time expecting shortcuts. Just relax! It's a very normal part of the process and the information is tossed out once confirmed with the exception of your number sometimes, which can also be disposed of upon your request. Please be honest about the questions I ask you. If you are dishonest, I will likely find out. Dishonesty throws up red flags and as a result, you don't get an appointment with the provider you want to share time with. That's no fun! : (

Are the pictures here actually me and recent?

I can understand your concern as I have heard about providers using fake (bait & switch) and/or old pictures. I know of at least one such provider in South OC who uses very old pics and most that aren't even of her, plus, she has been '38 years old' for the last 15 years! As a result, some clients have walked away after their surprise, and honestly, I can't blame them. I do not use any dishonest practices whatsoever. I'm as real as anyone gets in this business, or in any business for that matter. On this website, all photos are selfie photos of me, recent, and not professionally done or glamour photos. Do not request that I send nude/topless pics of myself. I will not do it! Respectable, elegant providers don't do that. Are you interested in a real lady or... no? Rest assured, while my body may not be model perfect, it is quite attractive and I'm just below the correct weight for my height, along with an ample bust. You should have a pretty good idea of how my body appears by the pics I have here without seeing nude photos. I do make efforts to keep an attractive figure and appearance and if all goes well with screening/booking, you'll see all of me soon enough as my sessions are fully nude. (See stats on the 'About Me' page for details.)

Please keep your appointment and be on time

If you're going to be more than 5 minutes late, please notify me when you KNOW you are running late, NOT when you are already late. PLEASE do all you can to keep your appointment. This is common courtesy. Please treat your appointment with me as you would any other appointment. Remember, the time I spend on you isn't just the time I spend with you. I spend up to 3 hours preparing for your session. Getting fresh and pretty, setting up the room, the table, the mood. If you must cancel the appointment, do so as far in advance as possible. If you cancel an hour (or even more if I turned away other clients and lost money because of you) or less prior to your scheduled time, it is customary to send a cancellation fee, since I have already spent time on you (yes, getting ready, set up, etc. I don't put on lipstick and hairspray to sit at home). I accept this, as well as donations & tips via GreenDot cards and Paxful. So, there's absolutely NO excuse for not fulfilling this courtesy. Saying 'next time' is not polite or considerate and doesn't pay for the time I spent getting ready for you (or the makeup I used either). I know there is NEVER ever a 'next time'. The standard cancellation fee in the industry is $50. This will show respect and consideration for me and my time; the time I spent preparing for you that I cannot get back. If courtesy is not given in this way, I may not consider seeing you in the future. Also, please do not be early. I don't want you arriving before everything is ready. It puts a kink in things. I would rather have you arrive 5 minutes late than early. Please be considerate of my time and try not to be too late. I do add a little leeway beyond your session/meet & greet time in case you are a little late, but not leeway for being very late. If you are terribly late, it may cause discrepancies in my schedule. If this is the case, you may be turned away.

The little things that make a difference

While it's not required, bringing a little gift or tipping is a thoughtful gesture and it will make you stand out and help me better remember you when you return for another session. When you are generous with me, you're more likely to receive generosity in return. I also like to do thoughtful things for my thoughtful guests. 
Gift ideas: I like flowers, red wine or champagne, fresh fruit, scented candles, soothing music CDs, or lingerie. These are all lovely things we can enjoy together to make our time together even better. But, feel free to get me more personal items...they don't have to be 'sensual' by the way, such as a gift card to or MassagEnvy so I too can enjoy some much needed pampering of my own. See my Wish List for more.

Some do's and don't's

Please be sober! You wouldn't show up intoxicated for a date with a woman you like, would you? If you haven't showered in more than 3-4 hours or you have sweat since your last shower, no matter how recent, please either shower before you arrive to my place, or I arrive at yours. If you're coming to me from work or elsewhere and couldn't get to a shower, don't worry, I have a shower available to you. Just ask ...please. It's no trouble. You may also request some mouthwash. Bad breath can be just as offensive as body odor. I can also provide you with a comb and hair styling products, etc. if needed. Just ask and you shall receive! If you wish to place your face/lips on my body, a very recent shave is appreciated. I have very soft and delicate skin. An unshaven face is very uncomfortable and can scratch my skin. Just so you know, though it's not a requirement, I really do like a gentle scent of nice cologne. But, do not over apply! 

Now, just relax and enjoy!

Once your session begins, just relax!! That's what your time with me is all about. Unwind! Don't stress over your day to day routines. After all, you made the appointment to escape all that. Just breathe and enjoy the ambience I created for you, my touch, and my sweet, gentle company. The meet & greet will get you comfortable with me and your surroundings and the consultation will allow you to clue me in on how you want your session, so once we begin, you can relax and enjoy your ideal session.

Lasting impressions

Some clients send a brief note within a couple of days thanking the provider for the time spent. This is the polite and thoughtful thing to do and it keeps the door open for future meetings. I enjoy spending my time with true gentlemen that appreciate and know how to treat a lady. I am a lady after all, so why should I be treated any differently? The note can be sent via text or email at I love receiving compliments and a note of thanks from my guests!

One more thing you should note

Clients who are 'no call/no shows' will be listed on multiple 'provider blacklists' as a flake with his number and details. Keep this in mind with any provider, as we do not hesitate to post flakes' info there. Though it isn't much or nearly enough, it's the only recourse we have for being disrespected and wasting time and can alert other providers in the future of potential flakes, jerks, scammers, etc. If a client's details end up there, it can hinder the client's ability to book with others in the future. Think that doesn't happen? Think again. I have turned away many callers because they are blacklisted. The cancellation fee I mentioned sent within 24 hours of flaking can keep your details off those lists if you cancel last minute or do not show.

Before considering flaking out, think for a moment how you would feel inviting a woman over for a home cooked dinner. You showered and created a desirable appearance, as well as tidied up your home and created a romantic ambience with candles, music, etc. On top of that, you spent nearly 2 hours in the kitchen preparing an elegant meal only to have her not show up and not even have the decency to call... AT ALL. It's the same thing! It's no different at all when a client does that to a provider. Providers are people too...with feelings and time that they value. They are often very kind, loving people and they deserve consideration for their time and efforts. Please keep this in mind when you book. Your appointment should be considered as important to follow through with as a doctor's or business appointment or a date. The blacklists are also for anyone who disrespects us, is inconsiderate, or wastes our time in any way, including on the phone. The blacklists are to mention and warn other providers of any client behavior that is less than appropriate, not just time wasters, but anyone who is disrespectful and less than a gentleman and doesn't use the proper etiquette. Following the guidelines above will ensure your details will not end up on a blacklist.

Before booking with me, I may ask you to first read this page. So I can confirm if you read it, I may ask you for a key phrase. That key phrase is 'little yellow daisies'. Sorry if that seems like a bit much. It's just that it is important for you to know this and for me to know that you know. (wink) Thanks, Hon!

Need a good reference?

If you were a gentleman during our time and wish to see other providers in the future, I'm willing to give a good reference to help make the screening process easier with a new provider. In that case, try to book your appointment with your provider far enough in advance so she may get the reference from me. Keep in mind, I may not be able to talk to her on the spot, as I may be busy, so booking ahead with her is a good idea...for everyone involved.

That's the short and skinny of it

The etiquette listed above is what providers generally expect, so learning these guidelines will help you in the future if you wish to see other providers too. If you'd like to learn more about proper etiquette so your time spent with a provider goes as smoothly as possible, do an Internet search for 'Escort Etiquette'. Most escort etiquette will apply to massage providers, strippers/dancers, and other adult entertainers. If there's something not covered here that you're not sure of, feel free to ask me. 

Thanks again for reading this. Please consider all I wrote. This is for the benefit of us both!

Now, are you ready to book an appointment? Please call me to begin. Thank you!

I look forward to pleasing your senses!

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