Deposit Information

Deposit for the Evening of Pampering, Overnight Sensation, or All Nite Date is $80. If you cancel outside of 24 hours you will have an $80 credit for your next session. If inside 24 hours, you will have a credit of $30 for your next session. If you don't call to cancel at all then no credit will be offered.

Deposit for Couple's Getaway is $150, if you cancel outside of 48 hours you will either be refunded $50 or a credit of $100 will be applied to your next Couple's Getaway session. If you cancel inside of 48 hours your deposit will not be refunded, however a credit of $30 is available for your next session, if you wish. If you don't call to cancel/reschedule at all, then no credit or refund will be given.

Repeat Clients

If I have seen you before and you have a good record of being responsible, you will not be required to send a deposit for the Evening of Pampering, Overnight Sensation, or All Nite Date sessions. Couple's Romantic Getaway session always requires a deposit, even for repeat clients, as there are many items that require purchase, as well as time invested for shopping.

Your appointment cannot be set for the above sessions until your deposit is received. The only exceptions are above under 'Repeat Clients'.

For deposits, I accept Paxful. You can optionally send me a cashiers check or MoneyGram money order. As long as you send it no less than 4 days prior for the first 2 sessions and no less than 9 days prior for the Couple's getaway session. Or you could even meet me ahead of time with cash if you prefer. If you cannot do any of the methods above, you may optionally send it from any MoneyGram location, however, since it will be inconvenient for me, I will require an $20 fee added to the depost (non-refundable) for my time & gas.

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