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After you have chosen a session & a day & time that fits your schedule, please call for scheduling
at (*82) 949-229-2327

are scheduled ONLY by phone.
I appreciate it very much if you read the Etiquette page before contacting me & booking


    • If you are calling from a "private", "blocked", or "unknown" number, I will not answer.
      If so, please enter *82 before dialing the area code or include your number when leaving a message.
      (This does not apply if you are calling from an international number.)

      If you are ready to book a session, please already have the following figured out and share it with me to make setting it up easy.
      • Your full name
      • The day and time you want
      • The session you have chosen
      • Any other requests you may have, such as wardrobe requests

When you leave a message please include:

  • Your full name
  • The best number to contact you
  • The best times to return your call
  • Preferred day & time for your appointment
  • The session you are interested in
  • Anything I should know to maintain your discretion when I call, if applicable


If I haven't seen you before, then screening will be required. Please be honest with me. I will likely know if you are dishonest and if so, this will raise red flags and you won't be seen. I am discreet and discard the info I am given, except maybe your name and number, which can also be discarded upon request. So there's no need to worry about your privacy. This is for my safety, as I do not know you at first. Appointments must be made by phone only. Repeat clients can book again by text.

My clientele are very busy executive-type gentlemen. I understand that in a busy schedule everything takes priority over relaxation and fun, unfortunately. Because of this, I encounter many cancellations. So please, if you don't think you can keep an appointment or need to change it, please let me know as far in advance as possible.

Please try to keep your appointments as you would any other in your day to day business. I'm a professional too and appreciate this consideration. I spend about two hours or more preparing for your spa treatments. I shower and shave, I dress elegant and alluring, I apply make-up and perfume and style my long hair. I have to pack up supplies and put them it my car for outcall or set up the table and room and often tidy my place for incall. Also, because I have to do all this, it do require a minimum notice of generally 2-3 hours prior, though I can sometimes see you in as little as an hour, no less. So please plan ahead to allow me time to make everything perfect for you. The setting is important and it takes time to create the right energy balance and ambience.


Deposits are required for just a few session. See full deposit information here


If your appointment was made in advance, then I will be calling to remind you, re-confirm and give you a location (for incall). If I'm unable to reach you up to 2 hours prior to your scheduled time or within a few minutes of the time I arranged to contact you, then your appointment will be forfeited as I will NOT prepare, nor be ready for you if you cannot re-confirm that you will indeed follow through and be there. I have given the benefit of the doubt many times with very little luck and have ended up being ready for no reason.


Please let me know if your appointment time needs to be changed or canceled.

*Anyone who flakes out, is a no show, cancels last minute, or is less than a gentleman in any way either on the phone or in person will be PUT ON A PROVIDER BLACKLIST, making it more difficult to see providers in the future. Yes, these blacklists do indeed exist, as we need to be safe and reduce our time being wasted as much as possible. The negative experience of other providers has been shared to help others avoid issues they have had themselves.


I do not work all day long from 1pm until 11pm, these are the hours I can and may be available. I have other things going on too during this time. I do not answer while on another call or during sessions and will not during yours either as I am sure you'll appreciate. Anyway, please don't fret if I don't not take your call or don't reply right away. I'll call you back as soon as I can. If I receive your message after 11 pm, I will return your call the next day. I don't answer calls after 11pm, and often not before 12pm, I need my rest too and cannot be available around the clock. If you want an appointment, especially for the early afternoon, I recommend booking the day before so I can fit you into my schedule and wake in time, as well as be prepared. If you want an 11 pm appointment, you must book it before 9pm that night, though I recommend sooner.

I do not see a large number of clients. My maximum is 2 clients on any day (and I try to space them in case the sessions last a little longer [remember, sesions aren't rushed] and so I can have down time & time to reset everything), so don't be upset if I can't see you or if I have a previous engagement for the time you want. There's only one of me and I can't give priority to anyone because they want me to or offered me a more generous donation (there is not bidding as it's not fair to those who called ahead/before you), so please plan ahead for your session. Don't be disappointed with me if you didn't call sooner. If you plan ahead, you can have an appointment with me. It is considerate to give a minimum of 2 hours notice. If I'm available, I will see you. Remember, I'm not waiting by the phone with everything ready for you with just a moments notice. Also, just because you call 2 hours ahead does NOT guarantee I'll be available 2 hours later. Please allow more time for outcall. On occasion, I'm available on shorter notice on occasion. I can sometimes do late morning appointments if you book by 10pm the previous night..

Please have references or be prepared for additional screening

Ready to Book?
(*82) 949-229-2327

If you have read through my website and Frequently Asked Questions and still haven't found an answer you are looking for, don't hesitate to ask. I am here to make this a pleasant and painless experience from your visit here and on forward. I welcome your questions. By the way, even though I have a very sexy voice, I do not make my living offering phone sex or chat, so please don't use my number for that. There are other women with a sexy voice just waiting for those calls. However, if you absolutely must contact me for that, I'm sure we could work something out if you let me know right away that's what you're looking for, just don't expect it to be free or less than what others charge. Five minute intervals prepaid through Paxful should do the trick.

Just visiting? Welcome to Orange County! Will come to your hotel.

See my Service Area for Outcall Sessions

I appreciate calls or texts, but if you need to email me write to
Please don't request a appointments by email, unless you are giving me plenty of notice, as I do not check email as frequently as the phone. I don't check my email daily, so if you want me to read it and respond sooner than later, a text notifying me it's there will help me reply sooner.

If you reside in another country and will be here in the future, you may email me to set an appointment to save on International calling.
I have a Freetone number that's great for International calls that you can call me on for free as long as you download the app.
Just let me know if you will be using it and I can accommodate you.

I look forward to pleasing your senses!

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